• Agile services and highly effective. The companies will receive only those applicants that are prepared to strongly contend for each position as entrusted.
  • Food-Employment Mexico does not charge in advance for the initiation of the candidate search.
  • Depending on the type of position, a guarantee of 2-6 months of permanency and adequate performance in the required profile. In the case of contrary, the candidate will be replaced by one similar or better, with no cost.
  • Competitive cost, of just 60 days of gross salary for the services of Recruitment and Candidate Selection, in any position and level.
  • Psychometric tests in function of the risks of the position (cost included) and Assessment Center.
  • Training of current personnel or those to be hired, in the areas of Purchases, Sales, Logistics, Control, and Quality Assurance. Courses for the implementation of Quality Systems ISO 9001, HACCP and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
  • Private office available to perform your interviews with candidates, under an absolutely confidential environment.

  • Security that all of the resumes received will be reviewed and organized based on their academic Studies, areas of interest, and acquired experience.
  • The opportunity of being hired is not defined by chance, but with the security that the position offered will cover their best expectations, professionally and economically.
  • When the applicant really desires to commit themselves in their performance, in their results and in their growth for their development and professional stability, Food-Employment Mexico contributes with great employment opportunities, with solid companies and highly competitive in the food market.


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