The food industry is continually dynamic in as much in the development of new products, new markets, nutritional tendencies and service, as well as for its natural growth; for which it demands that its personnel must be competent and with specific capabilities.
Food-Employment Mexico is born out of its own necessity that the food industry requires, for the selection and hiring of competent personnel with whom they can achieve and maximize its own success. Due to the proximity to other sectors, Food-Employment Mexico extends its services into the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry.
The experience of Food-Employment Mexico provides 23 years in different areas of activities, responsibilities, experience, knowledge and abilities of its personnel, in all its levels and structural organization in local businesses as well as globally.
Food-Employment México attends to your needs in Recruitment and Selection of personnel and Head Hunting, be this in the Industrialization, Food Services (Hotels and Restaurants) and Commerce, with clear understanding of the necessary reach for each position, be it in processes and operations, quality, control, purchases, logistics, importation, exportation, planning, research and development, marketing, sales, distribution, administration, accounting, finances and management..
Food-Employment Mexico realizes its processes of Recruitment and Selection, through strict filters specially designed for each required position, in each interview, assuring that each candidate presented has the experience, knowledge, competencies and the abilities necessary to satisfactorily realize the labor and professional performance as needed.
With Food-Employment Mexico, you will only receive those applicants whose knowledge, abilities, competencies and experience are sufficient for the necessities of the position. Your Human Resources personnel will save time and efforts in your decision process for hiring the ideal candidate.
Each candidate is presented with his resume and Psychometric Profile which backs up his personality, behavior and intelligence, in agreement with the position requested.

Food-Employment Mexico also can realize social-economic studies that will permit you to know about the candidates´ lifestyle, academic and labor history.
As an additional value, Food-Employment Mexico offers training for your actual employees, or those to be hired, active or those to be hired, in specific areas amongst the following being; purchases, sales, logistics, control, quality assurance and quality Systems for the implementation of Quality Systems ISO 9001, HACCP and Good Manufacturing Practices (BMP).
Food-Employment Mexico realizes all of its Recruitment and Selection processes, under Protest of Confidentiality for the complete tranquility of your decisions.


Food-Employment Mexico is also a low cost service, as it currently an effective service has no reason to be onerous.

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